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College of Information Science and Engineering

College of Information Science and Engineering


A Brief Introduction

History of the college can be dated back to the Computer Teaching Department, founded in 1988, and Computing Research Institute, founded in 1993. In 2018, College of Information Science and Engineering was established by integrating some related disciplines from former College of Mathematics and Computer Science, former College of Physics and Information Science, College of Engineering and Design and Computer Teaching Department.

Right now the college has “5 departments and 1 center”, including department of computer science and technology, department of software engineering, department of communication engineering, department of internet of things, department of artificial intelligence and information experimental teaching center. The college is instructed by 5 undergraduate majors (computer science and technology, software engineering, internet of things engineering, communication engineering and artificial intelligence) and 6 master stations (academic master of computer science and technology, academic master of software engineering, academic master of electronics and communication engineering, professional master of computer science and technology, professional master of software engineering, professional master of electronics and communication engineering).

The college has reinforced a team of science and technology after a prolonged endeavor. There are more than 129 faculty members in the college, including 8 doctoral supervisors, 20 professors, 42 associate professors and 68 teachers with doctor degree. The college has accomplished many vital projects funded by the government institutions and won many academic awards.


Department & Research Institute

- Department of computer science and technology

- Department of software engineering

- Department of communication engineering

- Department of Internet of things engineering

- Department of artificial intelligence

- Information Experimental Teaching Center


Key laboratories

- Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of Intelligent Computing and Language Information Processing

- University Key Laboratory of Mobile Internet and OPT Technology and Application

- 5 University Level Industry-Academy-Research Cooperation Demonstration Bases

- A series of professional laboratories to form a complete experimental training system



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