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A Brief  Introduction

College  of Educational Science sets up with four departments which are Pedagogical  Department, Psychological Department, Department of Preschool Education and  Department of Educational Technology, and four research institutes which are  those of Pedagogy, Psychology, Curricula and Teaching, Higher Education.  Hunan Demonstration Laboratory of Educational Science and Technology in  possession of six undergraduate specialties: Pedagogy, Psychological  Education, Applied Psychology, Preschool Education, Educational Technology  and Public Administration (Educational Administration). It has also  established 3 doctoral programs, including

Curricula  and Teaching, Higher Education, Fundamental Psychology, 13 postgraduate  programs, such as Pedagogical Theory, Curricula and Teaching, Higher  Education, Education of Professional Technology, Educational Economics and  Administration, Fundamental Psychology, Developmental and Educational  Psychology, Applied Psychology, Preschool Education, Educational Technology  and Education Master, among which Curricular and Teaching is one of the key  disciplines constructed by "Project 211" and the key discipline  constructed provincially.
 The college has excellent teaching conditions and advanced equipment. All the  teachers and students of Hunan Normal University holds their common goal to  establish a first class college of educational science nationally, so as to  foster the most excellent talents in Educational Science for the society.

Department &  Research Institute

-  Department of Pedagogy
 - Department of Science of Teaching Technology
 - Department of Applied Psychology
 - Department of Pre-School Education
 - Research Institute of Education
 - Research Institute of Psychology
 - Research Institute of Curricula and Teaching Theory
 - Research Institute of Higher Education

Characteristic  Majors, Disciplines and Key Research Fields

-  Pedagogy
 - Statistics in Psychology and Education
 - Educational Psychology
 - Psychology
 - Curriculum and Teaching Methodology


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