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A Brief  Introduction

College  of Commerce consists of 4 departments, 7 institutes, 2 centers and 1  newsroom, namely: Departments of Economy, Management, Finance and  International Trade; Centers of Consumption Economy Research, Educational  Economy Research; Institute of Economy, Finance, Immoveable Property, Urban  and Regional Economy, Property Right and Financial Management, Open Economy  & WTO and Institute of Social Security Fund; Newsroom of Consumption  Economy. The specialties opened at College of Commerce are Economy (including  Consumption Economy), Finance, Management of Human Resources, Business  Administration, Marketing and International Trade.

81staff  and 61 faculty members serve at the College. 33 of them are professors and associate  professors. With the strong setup, we concentrate on boosting the education  of quality and creativity, and working hard to make our school the first  class and influential in the province and the nation.

Department &  Research Institute

- Department  of Economics
 - Department of Administration
 - Department of Finance
 - Department of International Trade
 - Research Centre of Consumption Economy
 - Research Centre of Education Economy
 - Research Institute of Open-economics and WTO
 - Research Institute of Social Security Foundation
 - Research Institute of Property Right and Capital Operation
 - Research Institute of City Economy and District Economy
 - Research Institute of Economics
 - Research Institute of Finance
 - Research Institute of Real Estate Economy

Characteristic  Majors, Disciplines and Key Research Fields

-  Academic Economics
 - Applied Economics
 - Business Administration
 - Public Administration
 - Property Economics


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