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A Brief  Introduction

Foreign  Studies College was founded in 1938 and has seen a long history. Many famous  scholars, such as Qian Zhongshu, taught here at various times. So far, the  five Departments in the College of Foreign Studies are: Department of English  Language and Literature, Department of Russian Language and Literature,  Department of Japanese Language and Literature, Translation Department and  Department of Business English. The College of Foreign Studies offers courses  in five foreign languages: English, Russian, Japanese, German and French. The  College for the time being has one doctoral program (English Language and  Literature), five

postgraduate  programs (English Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature,  Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, English Curricula and Teaching  Theory and Discipline Teaching). Our English major is a key and exemplary  specialty in Hunan, and our English Language and Literature is a key  discipline in Hunan. The College has 124 faculty and staff members, among  whom are 19 professors and 25 associate professors. Many of them have had  academic training overseas. In addition, international professors and  renowned scholars, from both home and abroad, participate in the teaching and  research of the College on a constant basis.

Department &  Research Institute

-  Department of English Language and Literature
 - Department of Japanese Language and Literature
 - Department of Translation Studies
 - Department of Russian Language and Literature
 - Department of Business English
 - Department of Korean Language
 - Department of French Language
 - Research Institute of Linguistics
 - Research Institute of Foreign Literature
 - Research Institute of Translation
 - IKEDADAISAKU Studies Institute

Characteristic  Majors, Disciplines and Key Research Fields

-  Subject of English Language and Literature
 - English Major


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