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A Brief  Introduction

College  of Music comprises Departments of Music Education, Performance and Dancing,  and Institute of Music Research. For many years, we have set up music  education, technical theory of musical composition, folk music study, history  of music and performance as our key subjects. We provide master programs of  music and music education, and we are applying for PhD program. College of  Music has been authorized as the Training Base for National P.E. and Arts  Teachers by the Ministry of Education since September of 2001. We are keeping  friendly relations with more than 10 professional colleges from Japan, U.S.,  France, Britain, as well as our homeland.

There  are 89 staffs, including 16 professors and 24 associate professor, are  working in our college. 7 of them have doctor degrees. We have a strong group  of faculity, the scale and conditions of our education are on the top of  China. Teaching innovation takes very import place in our college, we are  putting attentions on students' abilities of practice, attempt to educate  them to be specialized in one aspect and also adequate to others. More than  4000 graduates that come out of our college are playing crucial roles in the  fields of music education and art performances in China, contributing greatly  to the promotion of citizens' qualities and popularization of our national  folk music.

Department &  Research Institute

-  Department of Music
 - Department of Performance
 - Department of Dance
 - Research Institute of Music

Characteristic Majors,  Disciplines and Key Research Fields

- Music  Education
 - The Theory of the Skills of Composing
 - Folk Musicology
 - Musical History and Performance


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