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College of Fine Arts


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A Brief  Introduction

College  of Fine Arts is composed of 2 specialties, Study of Fine Arts and Science of  Design. Master programs provided here are Study of Fine Arts, Science of  Design, Curriculum and Teaching Methodology, Principles of Pedagogy and  Higher Pedagogy. The college is one of eight Training Bases for National P.E.  and Arts Teachers, and the only college in Hunan that has the authority of  recruiting students by itself in Study of Fine Arts and Science of Design.
 We have great teachers and outstanding conditions. Among the 60 teachers, 19  are professors and 24 are associate professors. 18 of them have either doctor  or master degrees. Besides, more than 10 scholars from the U.S., Korea, Japan  and China are invited as our visiting professors, having academic activities  with us frequently.

Department &  Research Institute

- Department  of Fine Arts
 - Department of Art Designing

Characteristic  Majors, Disciplines and Key Research Fields

- Arts
 - Art Designing


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