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A Brief  Introduction

The  college of Life Science has set up with 5 departments, 1 research institute  and 18 offices of researchin possession of a nationally pivot laboratory  cultivation base for "Proteomics and Developmental Biology", which  is constructed conjunctly by Hunan Provincial Government and the Ministry of  Education, and many key laboratories supervised by the Ministry of Education.  State Development Planning Commission and Ministry of Education approved of  setting up "the Talent Training Base of State Life Science and  Technology" in the college of Life Science of Hunan Normal University on  Aug. 8, 2002.
 The college has so far established 2 undergraduate

specialties  (Life Science and Biological Technology), and possesses one doctoral program  of advanced level in Biology, the scientific research mobile station of  postdoctoral program, and 9 postgraduate programs.
 So far, there are 127 staff and faculty members in the college, and among  them there are 40 professors, 23 associate professors and 15 Doctors who got  their doctoral degree abroad.
 The college has been making full use of advantages of the administrative  system and has collocated reasonably and utilized efficiently the scientific  research resources of the college, so that the College of Life Science has  gained countless rich fruits and become a quite influential entity of  teaching and researching among its tantamount domestic institutions.

Department &  Research Institute

-  Research Institute of Biology
 - Department of Zoology
 - Department of Botany
 - Department of Biochemistry and Molecule Biology
 - Department of Genetics and Developmental Biology
 - Department of Microbiology

Characteristic  Majors, Disciplines and Key Research Fields

-  Proteomics and Developmental Biology
 - Protein Chemistry and Developmental Biology


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