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A Brief  Introduction

College  of Medicine of HNU owns 6 laboratories and 1 Basic Medical Experimental Center.  6 laboratories are medical morphology, medical functions, clinical medicine,  clinical laboratory, pharmacology and preventive medicine laboratory. The  College has set up 7 scientific research offices, they are molecular biology,  applied physiology, cardiovascular pharmacology, parasitology, cardiovascular  diseases, nephropathy of the combination of Chinese and western medicines,  and genome epidemiology. The college is equipped with advanced instruments  and excellent researching conditions, which facilitates greatly the teaching  and research for the students and teachers.

We have  5 specialties for undergraduates, they are clinical medicine, nursing, clinical  laboratory, pharmacology and preventive medicine. Authorized by Hunan  Education Commission, pharmacology and clinical laboratory are the key  constructive specialties, and biochemistry and anatomy are key subjects of  the provincial level. Besides, 6 graduate programs are provided; they are  physiology, pathogeny biology, medicine, epidemic & public health  statistics, pharmacognosy, and pharmaceutical analysis. So far, a higher  medical education system with medical prevention and cure has been established  at our college, which has been accepted as one of the key base of medical  education in Hunan province.
 There are 184 staffs in this college, 21 of them are professors, and 38 are  associate professors. Our graduates are highly praised by the society.

Department &  Research Institute

-  Department of Clinical Medicine
 - Department of Pharmacology
 - Department of Medical Inspection
 - Department of Preventive Medicine
 - Department of Nursing

Characteristic  Majors, Disciplines and Key Research Fields

- The  Study of Traditional Chinese Medicine
 - Medical Inspection


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