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A Brief  Introduction

College  of Physical Education consists of 2 departments and 4 specialties, they are  departments of Physical Education and Athletics Training, Science of the  Human Body in Sports and Sports Journalism. 3 master programs are Science of  the Human Body in Sports, Physical Education and Training, and Humanistic  Sociology of Physical Culture Studies. Second-class PhD program is Humanistic  Sociology of Physical Culture Studies, first-class master program is Physical  Education which covers 4 specialties-Ethical and Traditional Physical  Education, Science of Human Body in Sports, Physical Education and Training,  and Ethical and Traditional Physical Education. We also have 7 teaching and

research  offices, they are offices of Science of Human Body in Sports, Humanistic  Sociology of Physical Culture Studies, 1st Ball, 2nd Ball, Track and Field,  Ethical and Traditional Physical Education, and Gymnastics. The basic  scientific lab of Human Body in Sports is the model lab at the provincial  level.
 Here we have 93 staffs, which include 11 professors and 30 associate  professors. 9 of them have doctor degrees and 21 have master degrees. We have  invited 15 famous professors, scholars, doctors and part-time professors to  our college. We value the improvement of students' professional techniques,  skills and qualities. In many kinds of matches and competitions, we have  gained a great achievement.

Department &  Research Institute

-  Department of Physical Education
 - Department of Athletic Training
 - Department of Sports Health and Social Physical Education

Characteristic  Majors, Disciplines and Key Research Fields

-  Physical Education
 - Science of the Human Body in Sports
 - Athletic Training
 - Social Physical Education


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