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College of Resources and Environment Science


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A Brief  Introduction

College  of Resources and Environment Science, originated and developed from the  Department of Geography and other concerning subjects, was established in  December of 2001. It consists of Departments of Geography, Geographic  Information Engineering, Environment and Urban-Rural Planning, and Science of  Land. 2 institutes are respectively Resources and Environment Research and  Land Research.There are 8 master stations.
 We have opened specialties of Geography, Geographic Information System,  Management of Land Resources (including the Management of Real Estate) and  Environment and Urban-Rural Planning for undergraduates. Master

programs  of National Geography, Water and Soil Conservation and Dissertation  Prevention and Control, and Geographic Methodology are also provided. Natural  Geography is the University's Key Subject.
 We have 68 staffs here in our college, one of which is the academician of  International Euro-Asia Academy of Science, 17 are professors and 14 are  associate professors.
 We are working actively to hold academic activities and keeping relations  with Japan, Russia, and Holland on international research programs, obvious  achievement has emerged.

Department &  Research Institute

-  Department of Geography
 - Department of Geography Information Project
 - Department of Resource and Environment and the Urban and Rural Planning and  Administration
 - Department of Land Science
 - Research Institute of Resources and Environment
 - Research Institute of Country Land

Characteristic  Majors, Disciplines and Key Research Fields

-  Geography Science
 - Land Resource Management
 - Geographic Information System


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