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A Brief    Introduction

College    of Tourism is one of the earliest Higher Tourism Education units,    established by Hunan Province, is also the first unit, which can train    doctoral students on tourism culture. College of Tourism is designated as    "the Hunan training unit for tourist job " by Tourism Bureau.    College of Tourism has department of Tourism Management and department of    Hotel Management. The college has a great many of experienced and skilled    teacher, including six professors, three associate professors. Above 90%    has doctor or master's degree. It has established the academic exchange and    cooperation relations with US, England, Japan, South Korea and so on. In    addition, many domestic

and    foreign well-known scholars were invited to come the courtyard to teach and    research cooperatively. The institute has modernized the multimedia room    and the advanced video classroom, the books and reference materials center    etc.
   It has formed a multi-level training system, including doctor(tourism    culture oriented), master(tourism management), graduate students courses    and full-time undergraduate program (tourism management, hotel management,    international tourism, tourism education) and other various levels.

Department &    Research Institute

-    Department of Tourism Management
   - Department of Hotel Management

Characteristic    Majors, Disciplines and Key Research Fields

-    Tourism Management
   - International Tourism
   - Hotel Administration



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