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A Brief    Introduction

College    of History and Culture of HNU has built up specialties of history, history    education and management of historical cultural industry. The college also    has the National Liberal Arts Base of Education and Research in history,    National 211 Project key subject-Hunan Culture Research and the research    base of Hunan Culture. In College of History and Culture, there are 1 PhD.    program of Chinese modern history and 6 master programs of Chinese ancient    history, Chinese modern history, history of the world, specialized history,    philology of history, and class & teaching and learning theory (for history).    Chinese modern history is the national key subject.
   There are 37 full-time teachers working in our college, 12 of which are    professors and 13 are associate professors. We are excellent at teaching in    this field and we have gained a large number of research achievements. Via    a series of academic activities, the development of subjects and teaching    quality have been dramatically promoted with extensive impact and our    impacts have been extended also.

Department &    Research Institute

-    Department of History
   - Department of Management of Cultural Industry
   - Department of Historical Education
   - Research Institute of History
   - Xiong Xiling Research Institute
   - Research Institute of Chinese Modern History and Contemporary History
   - Research Institute of World History
   - Centre d'etudes de la Francophonie

Characteristic    Majors, Disciplines and Key Research Fields

- The    1911 Revolution History
   Chinese Modern Politics and Foreign Relationship
   Social Culture History of Modern China
   Department of Chinese Modern History and Contemporary History
   Huxiang Culture Study



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