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A Brief  Introduction

The  college of Public Administration covers so far five subjects of first level  (Politics, Law, Philosophy, Public Administration and Basic Theories of  Marxism). It has set up with four departments (Department of Politics,  Department of Philosophy, Department of Social Studies and Department of  Administrative Management) and the Teaching and Research Section for  Ideological and Political Theory. The college has possession of 7  undergraduate specialties (Ideological and Political Education, Philosophy,  Sociology, Labor and Social Security, Politics and Administration,  Administrative Management and Public Administration), 27 postgraduate  programs and 12 doctoral

programs  of the second level. Meanwhile, it has a research station of philosophical  postdoctorate, one doctoral program of Philosophy at first level, and has the  right to confer Master Degree in Education (Teaching Methodology of Politics)  and Master Degree in Public Administration (MPA). The pivot subject of the  college is Ethnics; it has 9 research institutes and organizes one  magazine:Studies in Ethics. Furthermore, adult education is flourishing in  the college and it covers five specialties: Ideological and Political  Education, Public Administration, Public Relations, Administrative Management  and Sociology. It has 114 faculty and staffs, among whom 33 are professors  and 29 are associate professors. The college has reaped innumerable great  achievements in scientific researches, and gained many prizes either  nationally or provincially, which has an extensive influence in the domestic  or worldwide academic circle.

Department &  Research Institute

-  Department of Politics Studies
 - Department of Philosophy
 - Department of Sociology
 - Department of Administration
 - Research Institute of Ethnics
 - Research Institute of Deng Xiaoping Theory
 - Research Institute of Philosophy
 - Research Institute of Foreign Philosophy
 - Research Institute of CCP History
 - Research Institute of Sociology
 - Research Institute of Scientific Socialism
 - Research Institute of Demography
 - Research Institute of Public Administration
 - Teaching and Research Department of Ideological and Political Theory

Characteristic  Majors, Disciplines and Key Research Fields

-  Ethnics Subject
 - Ideological and Political Education
 - Public Business Administration


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