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College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


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A Brief  Introduction

The  beginning of the chemistry and Chemical Engineering College can be dated back  to the establishment of Physics and Chemistry Department, National Normal  College in 1938. The college now boasts of Chemistry Department, Chemical  Engineering Department, Pharmacy Engineering Department, Chemistry Experiment  Centre, Chemical Principium and Pharmacy Engineering Experiment Centre,  Analysis Testing Centre(authorized by national CMA), Chemistry Research  Institute, Fine Catalyzing and Synthesis Institute and ten research rooms, a  national 211 project key discipline of "modern synthesis and separation  analysis chemistry " , provincial key discipline of "analysis  chemistry",

a  national and provincial joint supporting key laboratory of  "chemistry-biology and Chinese medicine analysis" and the advanced  instruments and equipments totally value 40 million yuan.
 Under the lead of Mr. Yao Shouzhuo, a academician of Chinese Academy of  Science, there are 12 doctor tutors, 25 professors and 33 associate  professors in the faculty group.
 In the aspects of chemistry, chemical engineering and material and life  science and many other disciplines and fields have their own unique  characteristics.

Department &  Research Institute

- Department  of Chemistry
 - Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology
 - Department of Applied Chemistry
 - Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering
 - Department of Resource Recycling Engineering and Technology

Characteristic  Majors, Disciplines and Key Research Fields

-  Analytical Laboratory of Chemical Biology and Traditional Chinese Medicine
 - Modern Synthesis and Separation
 - New Analytical Methods in Chemical Biology
 - Chemical Biology Research in Toxin


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