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A Brief  Introduction

The  College of Mathematics and Computer Science has its name since 2002, but have  a history of 72 years. It developed from the mathematics department of  National Normal College founded in 1938. Recently, there are mathematics  department, computer science department, information and calculation science  department, mathematics research institute, calculation research institute  and Olympics mathematics research institute in the Mathematics and Computer  Science College.Six undergraduate majors of mathematics and application  mathematics, computer science and technology, information and calculation  science, statistics, e-business, and software

engineering  are provided in the college. The discipline of mathematics is the provincial  key supporting discipline, "mathematics structure and its application in  modern information technology" is a key supporting program of "211  project".
 Now there are master program of mathematics in class one discipline, master  program of computer in class one discipline, master spot of statistics,  mathematics discipline teaching theory, information technology discipline  teaching theory master spot, class one discipline doctor spot of mathematics,  mathematics post doctor scientific research station in the college. There are  130 staff and faculty members in the college, including 40 professors.

Department &  Research Institute

-  Department of Mathematics
 - Department of Computer Science
 - Department of Information and Computer Science
 - Institute of Mathematics
 - Institute of the Olympics on Mathematics
 - Institute of Calculation

Characteristic  Majors, Disciplines and Key Research Fields

-  Software Engineering
 - Computer Science and Technology (Internet Engineering)
 - E-Business
 - Information and Computation Science
 - Statistics
 - Mathematics and Applied Mathematics


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