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A Brief  Introduction

College  of Journalism and Communication was established in 1996. Its predecessor is  the Department of Journalism. College of Journalism and Communication has set  up with four departments, including Journalism Department, Editing and  Publishing Department, Radio and TV Department, Advertising Department,  possessing five specialties: Journalism, Editing and Publishing, Journalism  of Radio and TV, Art of Broadcasting and Hosting, and Advertising. In the  mean time, it takes the lead to open one postgraduate program for Journalism  and one postgraduate program of advanced level subject of Journalism and  Communication. It is also "the training center for Hunan journalism  talents" and "the training base for Hunan publishing talents".

Presently,  the college has 58 faculty and staffs, among whom are 13 professors and 16  associate professors.
 The college also has a state-funded program in Journalism and Communication,  which is the first one of this kind. Moreover, it keeps close connection and  communication academically with the colleges or departments of some famous  universities in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Wuhan

Department &  Research Institute

-  Department of Journalism
 - Department of Edit and Publication
 - Department of Broadcast and Video
 - Department of Advertisement
 - Institute of Culture and Communication Research
 - Institute of Publishing Science

Characteristic  Majors, Disciplines and Key Research Fields

-  Journalism
 - Art of Broadcasting and Hosting
 - Broadcast Journalism and Television News, Study of Editing and Publication
 - Advertising


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