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A Brief    Introduction

The    major of law in Hunan Normal University began at 1993. In 1996 the College of    Law was established, and in 2002, it amalgamated the College of Politics    and Law Administrative Cadre.
   While indraughting talents and training the original teachers resource of    law, the college combine some important education resource of law. The professional    teachers, professors and some experts form a teacher resource group of    logical age configuration, harmonious role proportion, abundant teaching    experience, strong scientific research ability.
   The discipline of international law taking the initiative, and the teaching    and research as the centre, the college is

paying    attention the combination of theory and practice, now having got a serious    important research achievement. The college established academic exchange    relationship with a lot colleges and scientific research institutes, and    has hosted annual conferences and proseminar such as China International    Private Law Institute Conference and etc., and published some academic    publication such as "Modern Law" and "International Law and    Comparative Law Discuss".
   The college value the construction of teaching and scientific research    infrastructure. Now the mass media classrooms, computer rooms, law case    analysis room and multi function simulant court, systematic information    reference room are all existed in this college, and 210, 000 kinds    professional books and more than 200 kinds of newspapers and journals are    collected in the library of the college.

Department &    Research Institute

-    Department of Jurisprudence
   - Department of International Law
   - Institute of Economic Law
   - Institute of Civil and Commercial Law

Characteristic    Majors, Disciplines and Key Research Fields

-    International Law



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