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College of Physics and Information Science


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A Brief  Introduction

The  establishment of College of Physics and Information Science can be dated back  to the physics and chemistry department of National Normal College founded in  1938. In 2002, the physics department and electronics information science and  technology department departed from the College of Science, and formed the  College of Physics and Information Science, and built the information  technology department at the base of communication engineering major.
 Now the college is structured by 3 undergraduate majors (physics education,  electronic information science and technology, communication engineering), 8  master stations

(theoretical  physics, condensed matter physics, optics, celestial body physics, physics  teaching theory, electro-circuit and system, physical electron science,  computer software and theory), 8 doctor stations (theoretical physics,  condensed matter physics, physics discipline and teaching theory, etc.). Also  there is 1 postdoctoral scientific research station of physics in the  college. The college is a unique training base for information technology  talents, now has formed a complete physics and information science and  technology talents training system. The non-linear physics is a national key  discipline.
 There are 104 faculty members in the college, including 23 professors and 24  associate professors. The college highly values teaching and research, and  has got many teaching achievement prizes including first prize of national  teaching achievement.

Department &  Research Institute

-  Department of Science of Electronic Information and Technology
 - Department of Telecommunication Engineering
 - Department of Physics
 - Institute of Physics
 - Institute of Nonlinear Physics
 - Research Center of Computer Application Technology

Characteristic  Majors, Disciplines and Key Research Fields

-  Nonlinear physics
 - Theoretical Physics


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