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Language    Practice Campaign Carried Out In Jinggang

2011-12-06    08:51:35

In order to enrich the learning life of the foreign    students and enhance their Chinese practical abilities, recently, members    of the International Institute of Chinese Culture (IICC) headed to Jinggang    for an extraordinary language practice campaign.
   The teachers and students visited the big streets and small alleys of    Jinggang, appreciating the small town's history and culture. They also had    a vivid language class in the Eight yuan Church Hall. The opening dance    performed by the Russian girls earned applause from all the teachers and    students; the class-unit word-guessing game strengthened cohesion between    students from different classes; the guitar performance and happy singing showed    by the foreign students filled the whole class with cheering and laughter.    While the guest performance by two teachers pushed the atmosphere of the    class to a climax.
   The teachers and students left Jinggang reluctantly with a strong    attachment to it. Every student returned fully loaded with knowledge,    expecting the coming of the next language practice campaign.



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