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Hunan    Normal University Holds 2012 New Year Eve Gala of Overseas Students

2011-12-24    12:08:09

On the evening of December 24, the 2012 New Year Eve    Gala of Overseas Students was held in the Student Activity Center of Lide    Building. It was launched by the IOEC of our university and was organized    by the overseas student union. Also the gala received strong support from    the Hanban(Confucius Institute Headquarters). Standing Vice-president Lu    Yuehua attended the gala and addressed the gala. An audience of over 300    viewed the gala together, including leaders from various departments such    as the Students Affairs Department, Youth League Committee, Teaching    Affairs Department, Office of National Exchange and Corporation,    International College of Chinese Language and Culture, College of Physical    Education, College of Fine Arts, College of Music, as well as youth of    Chinese origin and overseas students.

   Lu Yuehua extended his warm congratulations to the success of the eve gala.    He showed heartfelt welcome to the youth of Chinese origin coming for the    2011 “Chinese Root-Seeking Voyage” of overseas Chinese youth and presented    his New Year greeting.
   The eve gala began with a semi chorus plus electronic violin performance    “New Year Carnival Night”. Students from the College of Physical Education    performed the dragon and lion dance with distinct traditional features to    embrace the new year; The solo “The Girl Next Door” presented by Ludi, an    overseas student from Congo, vitalized the gala; The group dance “South    Mire Gulf” given by girls from Russia brought us the joy of harvest; Mei    Xiunan, Ruan Jingzhang and Ruan Yuexiong from Vietnam showed they “Wing    Chun Fist”, expressing foreign friends’ ardent love to Chinese Kong fu;    Mini drama “Christmas Origin” revealed to the audience the origin of    Christmas Day, bringing the gala to the climax; unique Indonesian Dance,    mysterious magic and energetic song with dance etc received bursts of    applaud and cheer.
   The eve gala came to a successful close in the chorus “Love Each Other”

Translated by    Zhang Xi / Edited by Peng Peigen 



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