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World Culture Day

The    Third World Culture Day Celebrated

2011-12-06    08:51:35

On November 18, the third HNU World Culture Day was    held at the basketball court near 5th student dormitory. Attendants    include: Fan Jianyi, vice inspector of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs    Office Of Hunan Province, Deng Wensheng, director of Foreign and Overseas    Chinese Affairs Office, Ji Shuihe, Xu Wei, experts from Quality Evaluation    of Postgraduates Training Process as well as President Liu Xiangrong, Vice    Presidents Li Dazhi and Jiang Hongxin.

   Liu Xiangrong made a remark and declared the opening of the third World    Culture Day. He congratulated on the event and expressed his hope that,    through the activity, overseas and Chinese students can make friends, share    the charms of multi-culture as well as have fun in a "harmony but not conformity"    culture atmosphere.
   The activity started with the yangko dance NanNiwan preformed by Russian    and Argentina students. Rounds of applause and cheers bursted out from    crowd as Liu Xiangrong and Jiang Hongxin were invited to the dance.    Japanese students performed a lively pop song along with an exotic Japanese    samurai dance, drawing even more cheers from the audience. Lingering    Dream-a fashion show co-performed by both Chinese and foreign students,    brought the audiences an aesthetic feast for eyes. Land of Smiles,    performed by colorful-dressed Thai students, displayed a mysterious    dreamlike traditional dance. French students Salina showed a soft dance    with her Chinese husband, presenting the audience the romance of    Chinese-Franco love. Other shows include a guitar performance by Indonesian    students, a Vietnam martial art show and an Iranian folk song and so on.
   Li Dazhi and Jiang Hongxin enthusiastically visited the show stands of    Vietnam, Japan, Russia and Korea and closely interacted with foreign    students after the performance.
   At the end of the celebration, students present and teachers of the    International College of Chinese Language and Culture voted on the Award    for General Exhibition, Award for Special Performance and Award for    Introductory Speech. Responsible staff of the related departments presented    the awards.
   This activity attracted the students from more than ten countries such as    Russia, French, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and Vietnam, Yemen, Congo. Various    customs and cultures were showed by exhibition boards with illustrations    and captions, the show of special cuisines and clothes as well as the    performances of dances and instruments.



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