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Deputy Minister of Education in Dominican Republic Visits HNU

2018-09-19 16:44 


On the afternoon of September 16th, the delegation led by Enid Mercedes Gil Carreras, Deputy Minister of Education in Dominican Republic visited HNU, accompanied by Zhou Fangyou, Director of the Office of International Exchange at Educational Department in Hunan. Jiang Hongxin, President of HNU, warmly welcomed them in the meeting room on the second floor in the new office building. The meeting was chaired by Chen Yunjiang, Director of Office of International Exchange of Cooperation at HNU.



Jiang gave a warm welcome to Enid Mercedes Gil Carreras and her delegation, and briefed on basic information of HNU. He stated that HNU, a comprehensive university with long and rich history and culture, attached vital importance to international communication and cooperation, and had established collaborative relationship with 170 universities and institutions from 41 countries, under the schooling value of openness. He hoped this exchange would be a chance to promote educational exchange and cooperation with universities in Dominican Republic, so as to recruit more students there to study in China, as a result building a bridge between China and Dominican Republic.



Enid Mercedes Gil Carreras expressed her gratitude for HNU’s treatment with enthusiasm. She spoke highly of the achievements and schooling values of HNU and stated that she was looking forward to form strategic partnership of mutual trust and assistance.


After the meeting, Li Min, PartySecretary of HNU met with the delegation led by Enid Mercedes Gil Carreras. Both sides had a discussion on senior leaders’ mutual visit and educational communication and cooperation, etc..


Persons in charge ofrelative departments at HNU attended the meeting.


Translator: 张雅涵


Proofreader: 谭芬


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