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Delegation of Ministry of Education and Sports in Laos Visits HNU

2018-08-31 08:52 





On the morning of August 28th, a delegation led by Kongsy Sengmany, vice minister of Ministry of Education and Sports in Laos visited HNU. Jiang Hongxin, President of HNU met with the guests in the No.2 meeting room of the Office Building, which was chaired by Li Dazhi, vice president of HNU.         


President Jiang Hongxin gave a warm welcome to Kongsy Sengmany and his colleagues and then briefed them on the history and the development of HNU. Jiang spoke highly of the friendship between HNU and Laos. Besides, he maintained that HNU would fully support and devote to the cause of educational communication between Hunan Province and Laos in an effort to better the interaction in terms of education and people-to-people exchanges. He hoped that the two sides would deepen the communication and cooperation and sincerely invited Kongsy Sengmany and the delegation to the 80th anniversary celebration of HNU.


Kongsy Sengmany expressed his gratitude for the hospitality of HNU and introduced the background of this visit, educational system in Laos and the cultivation of talents. He also stated that Laos attached great importance to the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership with China, and looked forward to future corporation with HNU to further improve the quality of talents of both sides.


Participants discussed such issues as the recruitment of Laotian students to HNU, the cooperation on overseas schooling, and the enhancement of interaction among universities.


The meeting was attended by members of the delegation, relevant persons in charge from Provincial Association for Foreign Friendship with Foreign Countries and persons in charge from HNU.


Translator: 张雅涵


Proofreader: 陈宝妮


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