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Li Dazhi Visits UWB and TBU in Czech Republic on Invitation

2018-08-18 10:05 

HNU signed a cooperation and exchange agreement with West Bohemia University.


HNU signed a cooperation and exchange agreement with Thomas Bata University.


Li Dazhi appreciated photographing works with university teachers in Czech Republic.





Recently, Li Dazhi, Vice President of HNU, headed a delegation with academic purpose to visit Czech Republic.


Vladimir Ducher, Vice President of University of West Bohemia (UWB), attended the welcome ceremony. Tomáš Kaiser, the Vice President in charge of teaching, gave an introduction about the University from such aspects as its history, discipline development, faculty and cooperation with Chinese colleges in school running. He hoped that UWB and HNU could advance academic and teacher exchanges, as well as expand the scale of student exchange.     


Petr Sáha, President of Thomas Bata University (TBU), extended a warm welcome to the delegation headed by Li Dazhi. He briefed them on the history, discipline development, faculty development and interscholastic cooperation of TBU.


Li Dazhi expressed gratitude for the warm reception of the two universities and offered basic information of HNU. On behalf of HNU, he signed an agreement on intercollegiate cooperation and exchanges and put forward relevant advice concerning the issue of teachers and students exchanges, hoping that the two sides can consolidate cooperation to achieve a win-win outcome.


During his visit, Li Dzhi photographed buildings of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau styles in Prague (capital of Czech Republic), as well as some World Cultural Heritages, such as the buildings in Cesky Krumlov. He also visited the National Museum and National Gallery in Prague to have a better understanding of the local culture and art. In his talks with teachers from Academy of Design from UWB and TBU, he briefly introduced the College of Fine Arts and the College of Engineering and Design inHNU. He also showcased his photographic works, explaining their creating process and ideals.Teachers from the Academy of Design cordially invited himto hold a solo photography exhibition in UWB in October.     


Translator: 谢梦婷


Proofreader: 王耀略




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