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HNU Holds the Third Sports & Culture Qualification Competition for Overseas Students in Hunan, China

2018-05-29 21:03 










On May 26th,the third Sports & Culture Qualification Competition for Overseas Students was heldin HNU’s gymnasium. Deputy Director General of the Education Department of Hunan Province, Tang Yawu, and vice president of HNU Li Dazhi attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was held by Tang Jianwen, Director of Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, HNU. Teams from ten universities in Hunan Province took part in this competition.     


Li Dazhi gave a warm welcome to all participants and briefed them on general information of HNU. He said that sports could help college students to stay healthy physically and mentally and enhance their capability of decision-making, critical thinking and judgment. After long-term practice, HNU has achieved outstanding results and formed fine sports traditions, thus possessing rich and profound cultural heritage. He hoped that influenced by time-honored traditions of HNU through this competition, foreign students would involve in school life, and promote intercultural communication.     


On behalf of athletes and referees respectively, An Shengli (Ghana) and Chen Bingxin took an oath. They swore that they would comply with all arrangements, abide by all rules and follow all disciplines in this competition, thus pushing it to full success.     


Tang Yawu welcomed all teams and paid a tribute to all departments and staff devoted to this event. He stated that this event was important to exhibit achievements concerning education on foreign studentsin Hunan Province, display their sportsmanship, enhance friendship between Chinese and overseas students, and deepen their understanding of traditional Chinese culture and charm of Hunan. He expected that athletes would participatein this competition actively and go all out, referees would stick to principles and maintain fairness and justice, all staff serve carefully and conscientiously, and that all parties collaborate with each another to make it a disciplined and harmonious sporting gala.     


This competition was composed of three sports, including sports art show, 3 versus 3 basketball match, and orienteering. Total scores of the three sports would be final scores of each team. The first two sports were held in the gymnasium of College of Physical Education, the last near the Martyr’s Shrine of Yuelu Mountain. After a fierce competition, team of HNU won the first place with excellent performance.     


On the closing ceremony, Zhou Fangyou, Director of International Exchange Office of the Education Department, Hunan Province, delivered a closing speech. He hoped that all athletes enjoyed sports and tempered their will in the competition.     


Chen Jun, Chief Referee of the qualification competition announced final results. Distinguished guests presented awards to winning teams.


It is reported that the Third Sports & Culture Qualification Competition for Overseas Students in Hunan was organized by the Education Department of Hunan Province and held by HNU. With sports competitions and sports art shows as a bridge, this activity aims to exhibit sportsmanship and youthful vitality of overseas students in Hunan, help overseas students understand Chinese culture, and promote exchanges between Chinese and overseas students through team work.The top 3 in this competition will represent Hunan to compete in the regional tournament in Chongqing for a ticket to the national finals.     


Winners List:


The First Prize Winner: Hunan Normal University


The Second Prize Winner: University of South China


The Third Prize Winner: Changsha University of Science and Technology


Excellent Participants: Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, Changsha Medical University, Xiangtan University, Hunan University of Science and Technology, Central South University

Translator: 张雅涵





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