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A Validation Panel of UCLan Visits HNU

2018-05-26 19:35 







On the morningof May 25th, a validation panel from University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) paid a visit to Hunan Normal University (HNU) for a cooperative program on physical education. Vice president of HNU Li Dazhi met the panel led by Paul Rowe, director of Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, UCLan in the meeting room on the second floor of the aquatic center, College of Physical Education, HNU. The conference was hosted by John Holloway, dean of College of Journalism, Media and Performance, UCLan.

Li Dazhi warmly welcomed the delegation. He said that UCLan was one of our major partners and lots of discussions had been held on the program, thus establishing a long-term and effective communicative mechanism. In January 2018, the joint program on undergraduate physical education was approved by the Ministry of Education and the cooperation between UCLan and HNU showed a strong momentum and a bright prospect. He proposed that both parties should seize this opportunity to extend cooperation fields, raise cooperation level and make greater achievements in joint education.

John Holloway expressed thanks for the hospitality of HNU. He hoped that two parties would learn from each other, progress together and achieve more fruitful results. He said that UCLan would fully support policies made by the Chinese government and attach great significance to the partnership with China. He hoped that both parties would strengthen mutual trust and assistance, and deepen strategic cooperation.


During the conference, representatives from the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation and College of Physical Education, HNU briefed the delegation on the basic situation of project application and preparatory work. The validation panel inspected special teaching bases and the gymnasium, and heard avalidation defense from the program leader and faculty representatives on faculties, resource allocation, and policy support. After a day of validation and inspection, the panel declared that they endorsed HNU’s preparation, plan and commitment to this project and voted unanimously for the verification program.This marked the second sino-foreign cooperative program in HNU had gained the approval of both parties and was going to start within the year.

Representatives from units concerned also attended this meeting.
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