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Delegation from Ma Chung University Visits HNU

2018-05-22 12:00 


On the afternoon of May 16th, the
delegation led by Chatief Kunjaya, President of Ma Chung University (MCU) and Philip Kuntjoro Widjaja, founder of MCU paid a visit to HNU. A symposium was held at No. 1 meeting room of President's Office, during which Ma Zongbao, Vice-president of HNU, warmly welcomed the delegation. Tang Jianwen, director of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, presided over the meeting.    


Ma Zongbao expressed his welcome to the delegation and gave a brief introduction to HNU. He mentioned that HNU had been attaching great importance to international exchange, and the two universities had been maintaining frequent interactions since the establishment of their partnerships. He made a wish that HNU and MCU could, taking the opportunity of this symposium, conduct the credit interchange program and other collaboration programs. In so doing, the two universities could achieve deep cooperation, everlasting friendship and mutual development.

Chatief Kunjaya showed his gratitude to HNU's hospitality, and briefly introduced MCU. He said that he expected to further communicate and collaborate with HNU. Philip Kuntjoro Widjajademonstrated from the perspective of international relations, the significant role that cultural exchange played in safeguarding perpetual peace and promoting common development between the two countries. They mentioned that MCU, the only Indonesian university named after Chinese, represented the brotherhood between the two nations. They hoped to see concrete results brought by the two universities' cooperation,thus contributing to their friendly intercourse.

HNU and MCU initially discussed over issues covering the agreement update, oversea students' study in China and cooperative school-running.

Jiang Hongxin, President of HNU, talked with the delegation after the meeting.

Responsible heads of the related units of HNU attended the meeting.       


Translator: 程莎  

Proofreader: 孙曼






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