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Primary and Middle School Principals and Delegation of Education Officials of Confucius Institute at Wonkwang University

2017-12-01 21:49 





On November 29th, the delegation led by Shen Tingzhu, director of Yishan Education Supporting Department in Korea, and Chen Mingshu, Chinese dean of the Confucius Institute at Wonkwang University, visited Hunan Normal University. Tang Xianqing, secretary of HNU for discipline inspection, warmly welcomed the guests in the meeting room of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation. Li Miao, vice director of International Exchange and Cooperation, presided over the welcome ceremony.

Tang Xianqing extended a warm welcome to the delegation and briefed them on the basic situation of our university. He reviewed the background and process of the establishment of the Confucius Institute at Wonkwang University and talked about his connection with Korea. He said that our school highly valued educational cooperation with foreign schools and paid great attention to the academic and cultural exchange with foreign universities. He hoped that the two sides would strengthen mutual communication and cooperation for common progress.  

Shen Tingzhu expressed gratitude for our cordial welcome. He said that education played a significant role in the process of Korean economic development. He hoped the Confucius Institute could serve as a link for promoting a constant and intimate relationship between the two universities.

Chen Mingshu thanked them for their support of the Confucius Institute and the activity. He hoped that the two sides would enhance mutual learning and draw on each other's strength through communication and visits. He hoped that the primary and middle school principals would gain something through learning and have a good memory.

Officials of related departments in HNU also participated in the welcome ceremony.


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