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HNU holds 9th World Culture Day

2017-11-26 21:52 



On the afternoon of November 24th, co-hosted by the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation as well as the International College of Chinese Language and Culture, the 9th. World Culture Day was held at the basketball court of Mulan Road in HNU. President Jiang Hongxin, vice president Li Dazhi, foreign students from over 40 countries including Russia, Thailand, Pakistan, Laos, South Korea and Japan, as well as representatives of teachers and students in China participated in the event.  

The international students who attended this cultural event presented their exotic customs with pictures on the board, displayed the unique handicrafts of their country on the exhibition stand, and provided hand-made special snacks. They introduced all of the above in Chinese during the whole activity, leading the audience into a “miniature EXPO”. Audiences also enjoyed the splendid stage performances of the international students.  

The performances began with a wonderful dragon dance. Students from Pakistan lit up the stage with lively dances to show the warm culture of South Asia. Students from College of Music of HNU showed the charm of Chinese culture with folk dances and modern dances. The Japanese students’ lovely dance “Dance Love” won the hearts of the audiences. The Russian student’s affectionate solo “Very Handsome” was charming and intoxicating. Students from South Korean brought the stage to a climax with their lively dances. Students from Uzbekistan sang a song “My Motherland”, expressing their deep love for their motherlands. The wonderful dances by Indonesian students and graceful Vietnam girls all showed the exotic culture of their countries. Students from Yemen in their folk costumes provided unique dances which won the cheers and applause from the audiences.

The audiences enjoyed this feast of cultural performances and tasting the exotic food. After the event, many awards including the “Best Cultural Performance” and the “Most Popular Performance Online” were given.

Before this cultural event, the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation as well as the International College of Chinese Language and Culture also held “Chinese Song Singing Competition”, “Speech Contest for Recommendation” and other activities.

The World Culture Day of HNU has become a brand of cultural events for international students in Hunan. It not only promotes the cultural communication between China and foreign countries, but also shows the achievements of Chinese language teaching in HNU, strengthens the ability of international students to express in Chinese as well as their intercultural communication competence, and accelerates the campus culture construction and internationalization of HNU.


Translator: 多昱静

Proofreader: 孙曼



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