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Ouyang Yao Meets the Delegation Led by English Scholar Wu Lili

2017-10-01 20:28 


On the afternoon of September 28th, Ouyang Yao, Vice President of HNU, met Wu Lili, He Zeyi, Ai Bo and other membersin the delegation.

Ouyang Yao welcomed the delegation and briefed them on the basic information of HNU. He stated that HNU has been attaching great importance to scientific research as well as science and technology exchange and focusing on developing a science and technology innovation team. He went on to say that he hoped to further promote “Innovation and Talent Recruitment” in HNU through undertaking academic exchanges with overseas high-level talents and building a cooperation platform and science& technology teams, so as to enable the scientific and technological cooperation in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Medicine and other fields of application.

The delegation thanked HNU for the warm reception, and gave an introduction on the Artificial Intelligence Research Center in the University of York,its functionand the potential areas, ways and needs of future cooperation. Wu Lili hoped to co-establish with HNU a center or platform for international exchanges to facilitate exchange and cooperation in terms of scientific research, Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration and the transformation of research findings.

Among those attending the meeting were experts and professors in the related colleges of HNU.

Translator: 陈玲


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