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President Jiang Hongxin meets with guests from IOCA

2017-10-12 21:35 









On October 11th, the former president of Ireland Overseas Chinese Association (IOCA) Bao Shaojun and the incumbent Dai Guoliang visited HNU. President Jiang Hongxin and vice president Zhou Junwu met with the guests at Meeting Room 2, School Office Building. The meeting was hosted by Tang Jianwen, director of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation


Jiang Hongxin warmly welcomed Bao Shaojun and Dai Guoliang, and expressed his appreciation for IOCA’s financial support to HNU students. Jiang introduced the basic information of HNU in terms of subject arrangement, foreign exchange, faculty construction, talents cultivation, etc. He said, it’s impressing to see IOCA's devotion to charity, care for students and transmission of love from generation to generation. He also claimed that,encouraged by the school motto“Be Humane, Caring, Excellent and Industrious”, HNU has been trying hard to inject a caring spirit into the whole faculty, so that they can provide universal support for students, financially challenged ones in particular, and go all out to help them to fulfill their dreams.    


Bao Shaojun expressed his appreciation for HNU’s hospitality and looked back on the close relations between IOCA and HNU. He said, it’s a coincidence to cooperate with HNU when members of IOCA consulted an expedition in Hunan. He hoped that IOCA could help more people in need through HNU.    


Dai Guoliang introduced the basic information of IOCA. He indicated that there’s still considerable scope for collaboration between IOCA and HNU. Meanwhile, he hoped that the cooperation between the two sides could be more promising and more poverty-stricken students could graduate from university with their help. He also put forward some specific requirements for the further cooperation with HNU.    


Zhou Junwu showed his appreciation for IOCA’s caring for and assistance to HNU students, and responded to the requirements made by Dai Guoliang. He said that HNU was delighted to deepen cooperation with IOCA and would spare no effort to ensurecommunication and coordination to promote smoother cooperation.    


Directors of relevant functional departments and relevant colleges were present at the meeting.


IOCA began establishing Hope Primary Schools in Hunan since 2004 to help financially embarrassed children start their study. At the same time, IOCA is also devoted to support university students from poverty-stricken areas. During the recent three years, IOCA has awarded a total grant of300000 yuan to altogether 60 undergraduate and graduate students from College of Tourism, College of Journalism and Communication, College of Medicine and College of Music, which provided strong support for their graduation.    












Translator: 程莎

Proofreader: 吴思



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