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Li Chunyin, professor of Hongik University lectures at HNU

2017-09-30 22:08 


Recently, Li Chunyin, national oversea teacher and professor of Hongik University visited  College of Engineering and Design with his academic report "Emerging design in intelligent industry" and innovation workshop. Vice president Kuang Leman was present at the report, which was held by Liu Xiaojuan, Party Secretary from College of Engineering and Design.   

Kuang Leman expressed heartly welcome and appreciation for Li's visiting. Kuang introduced HNU's history and the current development situation of art design. He made a wish that the report could bring new thoughts, new perspective and new ideas to the present teachers and students.     

Li Chunyin analyzed the new requirements, new tendency and new changes that the rapid developing intelligent industry environment had brought to the design industry. Meanwhile, he hoped students could express their own understanding of Chinese culture with special vision and visual language. He thought whether Chinese designers could go global was dependent on their understanding and interpretation of Chinese culture. Also, he put forward the designer capacity-building model based on intelligent industry, which echoed among the attendees.     

The innovation workshop was lectured by Li Chunyin and  led by Wang Zhen, teacher from College of Engineering and Design. From September 21st to 28th, they would discuss and probe into the diversified emerging design of intelligent industry from four dimensions: human-centered, culture-directed, ecology-based and technology-driven. And to enhance the adaptation to the capacity requirements of the intelligence age for innovative talents, the workshop would guide students to deeply interpret  Li's insight for innovative capacity cultivation and make the practice of deep exploration the way to build design capacity.

Teachers and students from the Department of art and design, College of Engineering and Design listened to the report.


Profile of Li Chunyin: President of Asia Design Union and former president of the World Design Organization

He used to be the president of the World Design Organization and president of the Institute of South Korea Design and Brand Management, and now professor of intelligent design lab of Design Institute at Hongik University, president of Asia Design Union, president of the South Korea 3D print culture forum, and the executive member of the World Design Organization. He has been the judge of many international design contests for several times, such as the Red dot design award, iF, Brown, Red Star, Lotus Prize, etc. He was also presented with the National Presidential Medal for three times(1990, 1995, 2001).


Translator: 程莎

Proofreader: 陈子健

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