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‘Tour to Hunan, China’, a Summer Camp for Confucius Institute at Southern Utah University, Openes in HNU

2017-06-19 11:40 






In the afternoonof 17th June, ‘Tour to Hunan, China’, a summer camp for Confucius institute at Southern Utah University, opened in HNU. Jiang Xinmiao, vice president of HNU, attended the opening ceremony.


Jiang extended a warm welcome to the teachers and students from SUU, and highly praised the summer camp held last year. He said, since our two universities established cooperative relation in 2011, remarkable progress have been made in our academic research and the exchange of our teachers and students. He believed that after the two-week-long summer camp, the students would have a new understanding of Hunan culture, as well as of HNU. Jiang also quoted what president Xi said in his visit to Lincoln High School, “Education determines the future of a nation, and youth is the best time in our life. I hope you make full use of your time and work hard, so that you can succeed in the future. Besides, students of China and the US should join hands with each other in promoting China-US relations.” Jiang said, the campers not only benefited from the China-US exchange, but also helped promote a deeper cooperation between China and America. At last, he wished all campers an enjoyable learning and the camp a complete success.


Ye Dong, dean of Confucius institute at SUU, briefed on the achievements of the institute, and extended heartfelt appreciation to HNU for its thoughtful arrangement. She also hoped the students have a good time here.


Sun Aili, as the student representative, extended sincere gratitude to both HNU and the Confucius institute.


The two sides reciprocated gifts and shot a group photo.


The opening ceremony was also attended by the teacher representatives and the directors of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation,and of International College of Chinese Language and Culture in HNU.


During the camp, the campers will learn Chinese language and culture in Beijing and HNU, and go to Nanfang High School in Zhuzhou and live in the local families for two days to experience the life of Chinese students.

Translator: 蔡雨杏


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