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A Summer Camp for Confucius Institute at Wonkwang University is Opened in HNU

2017-06-28 11:42 







On the morning of June 27th, “Tour to Hunan, China”, a summer camp for Confucius Institute at Wonkwang University, opened in HNU. Li Dazhi, vice president of HNU, attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Li Miao, vice director of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation.


Li extended a warm welcome to the twenty teachers and students from Wonkwang University by citing the famous old saying: “It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar.” He affirmed the positive role Wonkwang University played in strengthening cultural exchanges between two countries, and looked forward to the profound influences of this summer camp. Li cited the address made by president Xi at Seoul National University, “Sincerity makes lifetime friends”, to express the idea that young people are the future of a country and the friendly successors of China and South Korea. He hoped that this summer camp can write a new chapter in the exchange between both schools, and build a new bridge of friendship for young people in both countries. He wished all campers an enjoyable learning and the camp a complete success, and announced the open of the summer camp.


Chen Mingshu, Chinese dean of Confucius Institute at Wonkwang University, introduced the history and achievements of Confucius Institute, and showed a positive view towards teachers, system and management, and teaching methods of TCSL(TeachingChinese as a Second Language) in HNU. He looked forward to the two-week summer camp, and wished it a great success.


He Daoxun, on behalf of all campers, extended sincere gratitude to both schools for the exchange opportunity.


After the flag presentation ceremony, both sides exchanged gifts and took a group photo.


The opening ceremony was also attended by officials from Wonkwang University, leaders of the summer camp and the campers, and officials from related secondary units in HNU.

                                              Translator: 多昱静   proofreader:陈子健  


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