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Promoting “Belt and Road”, HNU Develops Excellent Chinese Language Disseminators for Indonesia

2017-06-18 19:01 


On the afternoon of June.16th, HNU held the opening ceremony and started face-to-face  teaching for the master degree education program of Indonesian Chinese language teachers majoring in TCSL(Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language), which is the first overseas teaching program of postgraduate level hosted by China Overseas Exchange Association, co-organized by Hunan Overseas Exchange Association, and organized by HNU. Presentat the meeting were Li Zuyuan, Vice President of Hunan Overseas Exchange Association, Wu Shali,director of academic class office in Coordinating Agency of Jakarta, Indonesia, and Jiang Xinmiao, Vice President of HNU. The ceremony was hosted by Shen Min, Vice Dean of International College of Chinese Language and Culture.

Tang Xiuli, Vice Dean of International College of Chinese Language and Culture, extended a warm welcome to the students and sincere gratitude to the related school agencies and Coordinating Agency of Chinese Language Education in Jakarta, Indonesia. She introduced to the students their teachers and activity procedures of the program, expected the sharing of the pleasure of mutual teaching and learning between teachers and students, and hoped that the students could enjoy their study and life in Hunan.

Speeches were given respectively by Wu Shali, on behalf of the leading group, and Ji Lishi, on behalf of the students. They expressed their sincere thanks to China Overseas Exchange Association,Hunan Overseas Exchange Association and the leaders and teachers of related agencies in HNU. They also hoped that the students could learn a lot and contribute to the Chinese language education in Indonesia.

Vice President Li Zuyuan introduced the general information of Hunan. He pointed out that the exchange and cooperation between Hunan and Indonesia had been greatly enhanced in recent years, education cooperation being its highlight. Since the year 1999, a long-term beneficial cooperation has been held between HNU and the Coordinating Agency of Chinese Language Education in Jakarta. He believed that the students, as the key force active in the first-tier of Chinese Language Education, shouldered glorious mission and major responsibility. He hoped that the students could take the good chance to discuss together the experience of Chinese Language Education, understandthe deep accumulation of Chinese culture, and promote the cultural communication and integration, so that both sides could learn from and complement each other, thus becoming thepropagator of Chinese great culture and contributing to the development of China and Indonesia.

On behalf of HNU, Jiang extended a warm welcome to the students from Indonesia. He introduced the history of HNU and the situation about the base of Chinese education. He said Chinese and Chinese culture became amazingly attractive with the promotion of China’s international status. “The Belt and Road” proposed by Chinese government in recent years gave a historic opportunity for overseas Chinese education and the global spread of Chinese. Among the countries engaging in the initiative, Indonesia occupied an important position for its largest population of the overseas Chinese in the world. The master degree education program of TCSL was aimed to develop excellent language disseminators for Indonesia, which was of positive significance to the inheritance and dissemination of Chinese in Indonesia and the exchange of the culture, people and language between the two countries. He indicated that having focused on the development of Chinese education in Indonesia for many years, HNU made some contributions on the cultivation of Chinese language teachers, the development of Chinese language teaching material, the advanced study and training of ethnic Chinese youths and the overseas expatriation of Chinese language teachers, which gained widespread recognition among the Indonesian educational circle of Chinese teaching.

Liu Zilan, dean of the Graduate Research School, and more than forty Chinese language teachers from Indonesia attended the opening ceremony.

As we know, this overseas education program is one of the four master degree education programs of overseas Chinese language teachers initiated by Chinese Overseas Exchange Association, which were firstly ratified nationally. More than forty students were enrolled in the first recruitment and all of them were Chinese Indonesian from India Hindustan, Bandung, Singkawang, Batam, Makasar and so on, who were the front line Chinese language teachers. This program is an important step for the transformation and updating, standardization, normalization and professionalization of overseas Chinese language teaching, which meets the strategic requirements of “the Belt and Road”.


Translator: 陈子健 皮香婷     



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