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The Class Of Russian Pianist Master Krasnoe Golota Eva Was Held In Music College

2016-10-21 20:45 



On the morning of October 18, KrasnoeGolota Eva, vice president of Nizhny Novgorod State Conservatory, held a pianomaster class in room 411 of building DeLe in Music College. Miss Yang Qi, ateacher from Piano Department of Music College of HNU, translated for themaster class all the time.


Krasnoe Golota Eva told students aboutthe performance and inheritance of the Russian piano school. She stressed that music-performancelearning was a complicated process for teachers and students to recreatesomething. A pianist must posse distinctive artistic personality, creativeperformance style and interpretation of music. And then, she introduced tostudents about the development of the Russian piano art to make them have adeeper understanding of it.    


Finally, Krasnoe Golota Eva gave some guidanceto several students of piano major who were present and made a higher requestto students in fingering, pedals, and the handling of music, which benefitedstudents a lot.    


All first yearstudents of Chinese-Foreign music performance class and part of students ofpiano major were present.    




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