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The Delegation from Shiga-ken In Japan Visited HNU

2016-10-20 10:50 



On the afternoon of October18th, the delegation headed by Tadao Nishikawa, president of The Shiga TourismOrganization, and Norimae Kei, vice-dean of the faculty of education of ShigaUniversity, paid a visit to HNU. They were received by Vice-president JiangXinmiao. The meeting, held in the boardroom of the office building, was hostedby Tang Jianwen, director of the office of International Exchange andCooperation.

Vice-president Jiang extendeda warm welcome to the delegation and briefed them on HNU. He remarked that HNUattaches great significance to international exchange and cooperation, and hasmaintained a close tie with ten universities as well as two educationalorganizations in Japan. This year marks the 33rd anniversary of the friendlyexchanges between Hunan and Shiga-ken, with the local lakes as their commonground. He hoped that further bilateral cooperation could be made in scientificresearch, personnel training and student exchanges.

Tadao Nishikawa expressed hisgratitude to the warm welcome and to the concern for Shiga-ken. He hoped thatboth sides would pay more attention to the exchange and cooperation in terms ofthe development of university students. In his views, the two universities, as educationalorganizations, should play a bigger role in the exchange between Hunan andShiga. Through this visit, he hoped, ties between Hunan and Shiga-ken, betweenHNU and SU, would be strengthened and broader future cooperation could beexpected.

Vice-dean Norimae Kei introducedthe basic information of SU, and hoped projects concerning exchange students wouldbe set up.

The delegation also includes AkiroHashimoto, communicator of Hunan in shiga-ken. Attended the meeting were TangCunzhong, vice director of the office of International Exchange andCooperation, Liu Tiefang, vice dean of the College of Educational Science, HeXiaorong, vice dean ofCollege of Tourism, and XiangQing, head of the Japanese department in Foreign Studies college.


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