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Delegation from Centre Region of France visited HNU

2016-10-21 21:07 


On the morning of Oct.19th, Caroline Paris, Project Manager of Asian Economy from Centre Region of France, and German Rousseau, Director of International Corporation from Tours University, visited HNU. A warm greeting was held in the second conference room of the school office building by Tang Jianwen, Director of the Office International Exchange and Cooperation, Tang Cunzhong, Vice Director of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, and Liu Daming, Director of the French StudiesCenter.

Manager Caroline Paris showed great gratitude to the warm welcome of HNU. Having been working on the economic exchange between France and Asian countries for 25 years, she attached great importance to the Sino-France cooperation, especially the exchange between the teachers and students.
The famous saying “A single spark can start a prairie fire”was quoted by her to express her confidence that the small cooperation between China and France can lead to fruitful results.

Director Tang Jianwen
expressed welcome to the delegation from France. He briefed the situation of HNUs participation in the Hunan International Week from Oct.17th to Oct.22nd, and put forward some wishes for the future cooperation. Firstly, he hoped that Tours University can develop new projects with HNU, based on the existing creation results, particularly the 2+2and 3+1” Joint-Degree Programs of French major. Secondly, he believed in a broader range of cooperation between both sides, considering the Sino-foreign Joint Education Programs in majors like Culture Industry Management, Heritage preservation, and Resources and Environment. Thirdly, he wished for a support of teacher resources from Tours University and some teacher exchange programs between both schools. Lastly, he proposed to establish a Confucius Institute in France with the joint help of Tours University in the future, promoting the development of Chinese language education in France.

Director German Rousseau expressed that Tours University will show positive responses to the related programs, especially the Joint-Degree Programs and the joint establishment of Confucius Institute. He stated that Tours University had highly emphasized the exchange programs with Chinese universities, particularly with HNU. Tours University has been offering the course of Chinese language teaching for a long time. He hoped that cooperation and exchange between both universities will be further enhanced, sending more French students to HNU for exchange programs on the one hand, and more teachers being dispatched from HNU to teach Chinese in Tours University.

After the meeting, both sides exchanged presents and took group photos.

Translator: 陈子健

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