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The Confucius Institute at Southern Utah University Held New Year Celebrating Party

2017-03-02 23:18 

president of Southern Utah University Scott Wyatt speaks  


the song "The New Singing of Tang Poetry" by primary students


the chorus by the Confucius Institute


drama performance


drama performance




On the evening of February 24, local time, the Confucius Institute at Southern Utah University held New Year celebrating party in Center Theatre of Utah Cedar city.

Scott Wyatt, president of Southern Utah University
and Vice Provost Stephen Allen attended the party.

Scott Wyatt affirmed
the work of the Confucius Institute over the last year , thanked all of stuff and expressed his wishes to Chinese teachers andstudents there for the new year. Stephen Allen reported the basic situation about Chinese teaching and culture promotion of the Confucius Institute and expressed his hope for the development of local Chinese teaching.

Before the start ofthe party, the distinctive Chinese food was provided for the audience. In the party, Cedar middle school students of Chinese class sang “Happy New Year”and“Jasmine”in the form of chorus and musical accompaniment; The dance “Little Apple”by a group of primary students and “the New Singing of Tang poetry”won a lot of applause;The pop song “Quiet” by the Chinese class of
Southern Utah University and the song “My Progressin Chinese” by high school students showed the students’ fluent Chinese. Besides, the visiting Chu Theatre of Wuhan city was invited to perform. The cheerful Jinghu, dancing twirls, passionate singing and excellent martial arts showed the infinite charm of Chinese traditional drama. Eventually, the party was ended with the song “Time to Say Goodbye” .

JacobNg, American director of
the Confucius Institute at Southern Utah University, the Chinese director Ye
Dong and other nearly one thousand people from all walks of life attended the party.



                                                                                                                                                Translator: 皮香婷



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