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Professor Ouyang Yao Visited the University of Oxford

2017-03-07 22:57 


Professor Ouyang Yao took an academic visit in Oxford, invited by professor Rachel Murphy, head of the School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies, from January 16th to February 26th .        

During the visit, professor Ouyang Yao conducted academic exchanges with professor Rachel Murphy, associate professor
Kyle Jaros,Dr Paul C. Irwin Crookes, and other scholars. Besides, he visited many experts, including Rana Mitter, the director of the University of Oxford China Center and professor of department of history, Margaret Steven, chairman of the British Society of Economic History and professor of department of economics, Barbara White, fellow of British Academy and professor of department of international development, Dr. James Miles, a China editor of The Economist.        

In the afternoon of February 10th, professor Ouyang Yao delivered a speech in UOCC, named Chinese Innovation: From Follower to Fellow.
Present were professor Rachel Murphy, researcher Nie Hongping, the assistant to director of UOCC , other doctors, and visiting scholars .

Translator: 蔡雨杏


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