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The Third Council Meeting of the Confucius Institute at Wonkwang University Was Held In HNU

2016-12-15 21:29 




On the afternoon of December 14th, the third council meeting of the Confucius Institute at Wonkwang University was held in the office building of HNU. Present were Kimdojong(김도종)president of Wonkwang University, Qin Yuhui, president of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, and Jiang Hongxin, president of HNU. The meeting was presided over by Yang ling, dean of International College of Chinese Language and Culture in HNU.

President Jiang extended a warmest welcome to the two presidents, council members and other colleagues. Looking back on the joint achievements in areas like education, research, economy and trade in the past two years, he said more attention should be paid to the present. With the rich human and culture resources of the three schools, he believed, three platforms could be built, namely, platforms of the research of Sino-Korean relation, cooperation of Sino-Korean medicines, as well as Sino-Korean cultural exchanges. More efforts needed to be put in the teaching of mandarin with specific features, cultural exchanges, research of Chinese issues with specific features, cooperation and research in terms of bilateral traditional medicine, so as to make the Confucius Institute at Wonkwang University a research-based one. Safeguarded by the mechanism of three-side cooperation, guided by joint wisdom and efforts, the institute would surely enjoy a brighter future.

President Qin Yuhui welcomed all the guests and thanked HNU for organizing the meeting. He said that 2016 saw the steady development of the trilateral cooperation. He hoped that by achieving more intense cooperation and exchanges among the three parties, realizing the advantage complementation, uniting governments, enterprises and universities, new vitality could be injected into the Confucius Institute.

President Kimdojong(김도종) extended hearty gratitude to the two Chinese schools for their warm hospitality, and briefed on Wonkwang University. He pointed out that in the following year, Wonkwang University will further promote the new drug development program with Hunan University of Chinese Medicine and the humanities-based cultural exchange program with HNU. He proposed to popularize the unique dark tea of Hunan in Korea with the platform of Confucius Institute. With the joint efforts of three schools, he hoped to step up the influence of the Confucius Institute at Wonkwang University in Asia and even the world. Meanwhile, he presented a sincere invitation to his Chinese colleagues to attend the council meetingin Wonkwang University next year.

Korean president Kim Yuanxin(명사) and Chinese president Chen Mingshu gave an account of the project activities and financial expenditure of Confucius Institute in 2016, and put forward the project plan of 2017, which was checked by the council later. President Jiang and President Qin spoke highly of their achievements in the past year and the project plan of 2017, and gave comments on the cooperation and development based on the outstanding disciplines of each school.

Present at the meeting were Kim Zhenbing, vice president of the Research Institute of Sino-Korean Relations in Wonkwang University, Quan Donglie, president of College of Pharmacy, Zheng Xiuzhen, director of the office, Li Jiangshan, president of International Education Institute in Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, Liu Xiangqian, first Chinese president of Confucius Institute and Tang Jianwen, director of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation.     





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