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Dr. Timonthy R. Billiar, Expert of “1000 Talents Plan” Gave a Lecture at Medical College

2016-11-04 16:33 

On the afternoon of November 1st, Dr. Timonthy R. Billiar, distinguished professor and head of the Surgical Department at University of Pittsburgh, member of the National Academyof Sciences of America and expert of The Recruitment Program of Global Experts arrived at Medical College and exchanged with the teachers and postgraduates on how to do a basic medical research well. The lecture was held in boardroom 207 of Renyi Building.
Present were Yang Xiaoping, distinguished visiting professor of Xiao Xiang Expert, DengXiyun, professor of the Department of Basic Medicine and other teachers and postgraduates, altogether above 40 people. The host was Liu Xiaohua, dean of Medical Collage.


Dr. Timonthy R. Billiar shared attendees with his experiences of study, work in hospitals and subject researches. Born and growing in a small town, Dr. Timonthy contrived to be admitted by the University of Chicago and pursued higher education. He has been holding a positive attitude and became known in surgical academia. While continuing his clinical works, Dr. Timonthy was also devoted into basic research and pushed his research to a new high in University of Pittsburgh. Currently he is committing in studying inflammatory factor’s impact on cardiovascular diseases.During the lecture, students and teachers from HNU communicated with Dr.Timonthy on the current situation and progress of scientific medical research.
After the lecture, Dr.Timonthy answered the questions about subject research raised by attendees and then took group photos with teachers.























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