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About HNU



Hunan    Normal University has campuses in 5 main centers throughout Changsha City.

Er Li Ban    Campus
   The Er Li Ban Campus includes
       Central Administration
       Divisions of College of Business
       College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
       College of Educational Science Foreign Studies    College
       College of History and Culture International
       College of Chinese Language and Culture
       College of Journalism and Communication
       College of Law College of Liberal Arts
       College of Life Science
       College of Mathematics and Computer Science
       College of Physics and Information Science
       College of Polytechnic
       College of Public Administration
       College of Resources and Environment Science
       College of Tourism

South    Campus
       Divisions of Music College
       Fine Arts College
       College of Physical Education

Xian    Jia Hu Campus
       College of Medicine

Shuda    Campus
       Independent College

Zhang    Gong Ling Campus
       Divisions of Shuda College
       Liberal Arts College