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The  history of the school is based on teacher education is known, has a long  history of the famous university, the construction of university is the  national "211 Project" key, come out in front in the national  normal university. Chinese University without walls Hunan Normal University  began in the Anti-Japanese War, was born in 1938 in Hunan Lantian National  Normal University, is China's first independent national teachers college.

 The summer of 1938, the National Government Ministry of Education decided to  create an independent National Teachers College, by Shanghai Guanghua  University vice president Liao Shicheng, the Ministry of education of higher  education secretary Wu Junsheng, the Central Party committee propaganda  department vice-minister Pan Gongzhan, director of Education Department of  Hunan province Zhu Jingnong and Guo Lixi North United University professor  Wang Deyao formed the National Teachers College Preparatory Committee  Director, Liao Shicheng.

 In October 27, 1938, the National Government Ministry of education to the  approval of the National Teachers College was formally established, known as  the "National College", Liao Shicheng Dean, School of Hunan Anhua  County town of Lantian. The National Teachers College can be said to be the  west, many famous scholars in this pool, wherein the Kibo, rich Qian  Zhongshu, skin for Xiancheng, Meng, Chen Chuanzhang, Gao Juefu, storing an  equal eminent scholars.

 The founding of new China, the National Teachers College into the Hunan  University. In 1953 of August national college adjustment, Hunan

 The school scenery atlas two (14) of University, established in Hunan  Teachers College and the Central South Institute of civil engineering and  construction.

 In 1953 September, according to the Ministry of education and instruction,  Hunan normal college on the basis of the original National Teachers College,  Hunan University, Nanchang University, and the plains of Henan Teachers  College, part of Tsinghua University, Department, and Hunan University,  Nanchang University, Northeast Normal University, Southern China normal  college, Henan normal college students plain part, became one of the largest  national specialty in normal colleges the.
 From 1957 to 1961, Changsha Normal College, Hunan Institute of physical  education, Hunan College of art have been incorporated into the. In 1984,  officially changed its name to Hunan Normal University.
 Hunan Province in 1996 to become the only one provincial universities into  the first national "211 Project" key construction of the  university. Since 2000, with 3 universities has with the Hunan Institute of  education, Hunan Medical College, to form the new Hunan Normal University. In  the unremitting efforts of several generations, the school development by a  single normal college into normal and non-normal and multidisciplinary  coordinated development of the normal university, has now become the vanguard  of the largest scale in College of Hunan Province, teachers more abundant,  the strongest, into the national advanced ranks of similar colleges.