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2013 Event    Calendars   

2013.    3


spring    semester begins


Opening    Ceremony of Spring Semester

The    frst week of March

Campus    tour

The    second week of March

City    tour

2013.    3 ~ 4

"Floating    in China" student activities

2013.    4

Visiting    Hengshan Mountain

2013.    5

The    beginning of May

Visiting    Fenghuang and Zhangjiajie

Visiting    activities of Confucius Institute Scholarship students

The    end of May

"Chinese    Language Bridge" activities

2013.    6

Foreign    Students Union activities, visiting Yueyanglou

2013.    7


the    end of spring semester

2013.    9


Ceremony    of Autumn Semester

The    end of September

campus    tour and city tour

2013.    10

World    Culture Day

The    end of October

New    students visiting to Hengshan

2013.    11

Foreign    Students "Chinese Speech Competition"

Foreign    Students "Culture Trip"

2013.    12

Foreign    Students "Chinese Composition Competition"

Christmas    and New Year's Celebrating Night Party

2014.    1

old    students Farewell Party