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HNU Holds the Chinese-Abroad University Presidents Forum

2018-10-27 08:44 















The morning of October 26th marked the commencement of Chinese-Foreign University Presidents Forum. Distinguished attendees included Huang Baoyin, Director/Minister of China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center, Zhang Dafang, Vice President of Hunan Committee of CPPCC, Yu Suihai, Vice President of University of Leeds, David Palfreyman, Treasurer of Oxford University and Minister of Oxford’s Center for Higher Learning Policies Research, Fernando León García, President of CETYS University, Jin Daozhong, President of Wonkwang University, Dongqi, President of Beijing Normal University, Li Min, Secretary of the Party Committee of HNU, Jiang Hongxin, President of HNU and Ouyang Yao, Vice President of HNU. The opening ceremony of the forum was chaired by Jiang Xinmiao, Vice President of HNU.


Translator: 谢梦婷

Proofreader: 谭芬

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