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Jiang Xinmiao Leads the Delegation to Visit Universities in Mexico and Cuba

2018-10-02 12:57 






Recently, Jiang Xinmiao, Vice President of HNU, led a delegation to Mexico and Cuba. They visited CETYS University, Universidad de Guadalajara and Universidad de laHabana.


The delegation headed by Jiang visited CETYS University in Mexicali and attended its 57th anniversary. He delivered a special speech in the academic forum “innovation and economic development”, a theme activity of the anniversary.


During the visit to three universities, both sides have exchanged ideas and reached the consensus of corporation in terms of the exchange of students and teachers, providing HNU with teachers to teach Spanish by the other side, secondary education cooperation, establishment and operation of Confucius institutes, necessity and feasibility of international school-running projects, and trend and requirements of professional certification. And they exchanged experience on university logistics management and trainingmodels of talents in law, media and art. Meanwhile, the signing of a school-level cooperation agreement between HNU and Universidad de la Habana is on its way.


Mr.Jiang introduced the 80th anniversary of HNU. Leaders of three universities happily accepted the invitation to the 80th anniversary of HNU.


Leaders of related departments in HNU accompanied Mr. Jiang during the visit.


Translator: 陈鹏

Proofreader: 吴思


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