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Tang Xianqing Heads a Delegation to Visit Universities in Korea and Japan

2017-11-03 19:15 


From October 23rd to 30th, Tang Xianqing, secretary of
Committee for Discipline Inspection of HNU was invited to head a delegation to visit Wonkwang University in Korea, Soka University and Shiga University in Japan.

On October 24thcommissioned by Jiang Hongxin, vice director of Confucius Institute council of Wonkwang University and president of HNU, Tang attended the fourth council meeting of Confucius Institute of Wonkwang University and listened to reports aboutuses of funds and situation of Confucius Institute delivered by Kim Won Sin, dean of Confucius Institute. Tang exchanged ideas with Hunan University of Chinese Medicine and Wonkwang University about dispatching Chinese teachers, exchanging students for internship and transforming the Confucius Institute from a research-oriented one into a industrial one.

Tang said that, Confucius Institute in Wonkwang University was built by Wongkwang University, Hunan University of Chinese Medicine and HNU. In order to show school
-runningcharacteristics, three sides had implemented the guiding principles, developed cooperation, and made great achievements in the past three years. He hoped that three sides could continue cooperation to make the Confucius Institute more successful.

During the meeting, Tang discussed with Kim Do Jong, president of Wonkwang University, about strengthening academic exchange and research cooperation, expanding the scale of exchange program. After discussion, they also reached a primary intention with officials of Art and Chinese about cooperation on subjects of designing and Chinese language.

On 25th, Tang Xianqing paid a visit to Kookmin University and held talks with Yin Jiongyu, vice president in charge of international exchange and cooperation. They briefed each other on the historical development of their universities, subject setting and international exchange, and reached a consensus on constructing a partnership and signing an agreement on interschool exchange.

On 27th, Soka University held a welcoming ceremony for the delegation led by Tang Shanqing. Machang Shanjiu, president of Soka University, and Tian Daikang, the director, attended the ceremony. He said that Hunan Normal University was a large-scale and high-level comprehensive university with complete disciplines and strong school-running strength, and two universities had a prospect of broad cooperation on academic exchange and talent cultivation.

Tang Xianqing said that the two sides had kept a friendly relationship since they signed an agreement on interschool exchange in 2003. He hoped that they would further strengthen cooperation on academic exchange and teacher exchange, expand the scale of student exchange and embark on the cooperative study of Daisaku Ikeda's ideas.

From 28th to 29th, Tang Xianqing paid a visit to Shiga University and attended the signing ceremony of a cooperative agreement. Mr. Tang pointed out that the purpose of this visit was not just to sign the accord, but also to furthersome substantial student exchange programs so that more exchangeopportunities were created forfaculty members.

During the visit, Tang Xianqing visited the faculty members of the Office of International Communication in Shiga County and thanked them for supporting the work of HNU. Besides, he also hoped that the office would pay moreattention to the exchange between HNU and the colleges and universities in Shiga County.

                                                                          Translator: 多昱静 蔡翥鹏   Proofreader: 逯晓君


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