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President of University of Tours heads a delegation to HNU

2017-10-28 20:28 



On the morning of October 25th, Philippe Vendrix, president of University of Tours and vice president Marc Desmet, headed a delegation to HNU. Jiang Hongxin, president of HNU, and Liu Qijun, deputy party secretary of the school committee, extended a warm welcome to the delegation in the meeting room 2 of office building. The meeting was hosted by Tang Jianwen, director of the office of International Exchange and Cooperation.

Jiang quoted the saying inthe Analects of Confucius "It's a delight to have friends coming from afar" to show his sincere welcome to Philippe and his delegation, and offeredthe basic information about the scale, discipline construction, achievements and highlights of HNU. He said that University of Tours is the best friend of HNU in France and many achievements have been made since the two sides established diplomatic ties 8 years ago. Both sides have comprehensive foundation for cooperation because of their similarities in scale of school scale and distribution of disciplines. He hoped that this meeting could help both sides deepen their cooperation, promote the development of French department, make progress in cooperation program, co-build Confucius Institutes and promote mutual learning and development through exchanges.

Philippe Vendrix expressed the gratitude for the warm welcome of HNU, and showed his affection for China and HNU.After that, he briefly introduced the operationof University of Tours. He said that through the communication of that morning, he had a fundamental understanding of the discipline construction of HNU and found chances of cooperation to some extend. He expressed that both sides have advantages and great potentials for development based on their own fields. Philippe hoped that both universities can have further communication and cooperation, deepen mutual understanding of teaching and research by cooperation in school running and improve the quality of talent training, in order to become influential universities in the world.

Benoist Pierre, director of renaissance research center of University of Tours, Sebastien Bedé, commissioner of higher education cooperation project of Consulate General of France in Wuhan, and Li Dan, official of higher education cooperation project were among the delegation. Related officials of HNU attended the meeting.


Translator: 多昱静Proofreader: 陈梦然





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