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Closing Ceremony of Chinese Culture Summer Camp of Confucius Institute at Kazan Federal University Is Held in HNU

2017-07-21 21:21 



On the morning of 18th July, the closing ceremony of 2017 “Tour to Hunan, China”, a Chinese culture summer camp of Confucius Institute at Kazan Federal University, was held in Room 626 of Mulan Building, during which the leaders certified all the camp members.

The representative of the members made a statement that the activity left a good memory to her and her friends, during which they obtained knowledge and friendship.

Zalina, head of the summer camp, affirming the achievements the members had made, expressed sincere thanks to Chinese Confucius Institute Headquarters, the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation in HNU, International College of Chinese Language and Culture, and the front-line teachers and volunteers for their support and help.

Looking back on the activity, Tang Xiuli vice dean of International College of Chinese Language and Culture, hoped that the members would remember China, Hunan province, the teachers, the students and Chinese language, and that with their love for Chinese language and culture, they would apply their knowledge to undertake the responsibility of promoting the exchanges between Chinese and Russian civilization and the mutual understanding of the people, thus making greatercontributions to a harmonious relationship.  

Tang Xiuli declared the closure of the summer camp and presented gifts to the members. The representatives, in return, presented her the camp flag with their signatures on it. The teachers and staff members of HNU also participated in the closing ceremony.  

Translator: 蔡翥鹏  Proofreader: 陈子健


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